Thursday, November 8, 2012

DIY Cushion Cover

For Nico's Room I got these super cute bunting curtains from Ikea. Ikea curtains are set up so you measure the length you want, cut off the excess, and then fold and iron up the bottom with an adhesive. I had so much extra fabric left over I decided to make a matching cover for the cushion on her rocking chair. 

ikea fabric

It was really easy to do. Since I didn't take photos as I made it I drew you an image in Photoshop. I won't be offended if you laugh.

Lay the fabric right side down. Trace around the cushion. Flip and trace around again. Cut out the sewn folds. These will be your ties. Cut out Cushion pieces. Fold ties in half and pin at fold to where you would like them on the back of the cushion. This is the only part I pinned because this fabric was so easy to use. Starting at one tie (with right sides facing of course) sew around the cushion until you sew over the second tie. Leaving a hole in-between the ties. Flip inside out. Force the cushion into the cover. Blind stitch the opening. DONE!

It only took one of the curtains left over fabric for me to make the cushion. I'm going to make a library tote with the rest of the fabric.

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Heather Feather said...

I've been eyeing that fabric forever and love it! It looks great with the bright yellow chairs!
Thanks for linking up!